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Census Meme

In 2011 I live in a house (primarily owned by two banks) in a Pittsburgh suburb with my DH, DD, beagle, 2 (mostly) black cats, and two angelfish.

In 2001 I moved (with DH, DD, and orange and grey cats (one each) into this house (designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright's; which means one one hand it's fabulous and on the other hand it's falling down around our ears) out of a tiny brick house that we were exploding out of after the birth of our daughter 2 years previously.

In 1991 we (me, DH, and the 2 kitties) were living comfortably in above-mentioned (rented) brick house in a Pittsburgh suburb: 3 bedrooms, with the 3rd bedroom being closet-sized.

In 1981 me and DH were living in a two different two-bedroom roach-ridden apartments (two buildings apart) in Rosslyn, VA with an elderly calico cat. We had to leave the first apartment for the second apartment because of said cat.

In 1971 I lived with my parents and my sister (a salt-n-pepper Miniature Schnauzer) in a two bedroom townhouse (with community pool) in Denton, Texas, and then a (rented) brick two-bedroom house in Silver Spring, Maryland.

In 1961 I lived with my parents in a nice home (complete with two servants) in Bangkok, Thailand. Then we moved into a one-bedroom apartment (aka "married student housing") in College Station, Texas.

This leaves out 3 dorms and 6 apartments during college (Charlottesville, Virginia) (with roomies and with DH), the house in Georgia I was born in (not literally - I was born in a hospital!), married student housing in Athens, Georgia (as a child), an apartment and a townhouse in College Station, and a house in Frederick, Maryland (for just a few weeks before I went to college),.

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